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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  February 4, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. a neighbor shot on the street, new developments in the killing of a three-year-old girl, the emotional interview you will only see on 2. live in san francisco where a can of soda and sugary drinks could cost you more. why everybody is not on board. they are making sure it never happens again, ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. ktvu channel 2 morning news starts right now and this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, i want to take you live to pittsburgh this morning and we are out in a
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neighborhood where a man and woman were shot overnight. we just spoke to a neighbor and he will tells us more in just a few minutes. >> we have no doubt about it, clouds are beginning to roll in and cool on tap, i would not be surprised, some of the higher elevations lots of 40s closer to the bay and lots of 30s inland from santa rosa back to the east bay and cloud cover is increasing and i don't think we'll see any rain and probably more likely tomorrow as we get a little more support. we have a mission mosh of
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cloud, increaseing cloud and we will stay here for awhile, at least, closer to the county. >> southern california is normal for the winter and northern california from shaster, to the national parkings that is also closed. we want to focus on the bay bridge toll plaza just before 6:00 about 10 minutes before 6:00 and it is a little bit early this morning and it looks like the rush is started this morning. near 880, you can see traffic is flowing nicely in potential directions and no delays and traffic on the right hand -- is on the right-hand side of your screen. headlights you see there are folks headed northbound towards santa clara where they are experiencing no delays. let's head back to the desk. police in the east bay are
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searching for a double shooting. it happened late last night and alex savage, you just talked to a witness? >> y, we just spoke to a home and the woman helped up collapsing on the lawn and the woman was screaming for help. the neighbor went out and helped her and put pressure on the bullet wound she had on her back. >> she was shot here and there was one more down there. >> this was the neighbor, he was nervous about showing his face but he showed us the three stray bullets that came through his house. that is when he came outside
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and found this woman who was wounded by gunfire. two people were shot, a woman and a man found on heather wood drive. the other victim, the man is expected to survive but is still being treated at the hospital at this time he heard at least 8 shots and describes what he did next. >> so basically what we did, we helped them until police game. >> police can't say what the motive is and they have no description on the shooter or shooters they believe were involved here but the search is ongoing for those people and we are working to get more information from the pittsburgh police department and lieutenants should have more details on this investigation.
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live in pittsburgh, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the accused it couple, the girl's mother they say they sexually assaulted the little girl. john kruger blames his daughter's boyfriend for this unspeakable tragedy. >> there is a monster that started all of this. ten months ago since he came into my daughter's life she has been a changed person. >> the autopsy on the little girl is expected to be released today. in the meantime they found the little girl area body saturday but 2 investigates police had spoke to the little girl on two different occasions only days earlier.
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one week ago they went to check out averred ball distribute. police came at the request of her birthday. >> and now they are looking into the history of the mother's boyfriend. he had an outstanding warrant for not showing up in a van rich case. a teen accused of killing his older sister will be allowed to go to his sister's funeral. he should be released to his family. prosecutors fought back calling him a slight risk and danger to society. the teen spent 6 days on the run before he surrendered da --
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surrendered last year. newly elect had can work contract disputes. there is another plan to keep it going during labor disputes and he suggests having a thorough audit of bart's contract negotiations. san francisco supervisors are considering taxing soda. brian flores is here to tell us how much more accompany of sewed -- can of soda may cost. and how are people reacting to this? >> reporter: they have wage add war against sugary drinks and soda and they hope it bridges
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town these other people and that would be as affective, this includes sodas and tax breaks. oop. >> and it would row main and opponents said this may hurt grocery shoppers' pocketbooks and they may rise prices as a result. they are not necessarily on board with this tax. >> it is another way for the city to make money. any little thing causes problems and it is already too
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much sugar. >> too much sugar can cause heart problems and a study showing they got most of their calories from sugar showed they have a chance of dying from heart disease. now this is not the only time soda taxes have been introduceed back in 2012, but it was defeated by viewers. san francisco police are warning them. a woman received a phone call saying a member of her family is being held for ransom. they are saying they must cinnamon any to mexico and she did not cinnamon any but -- send money but instead called police. they are causing problems on road signs and they are
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changing messages on the electronic boards to things like caution, loose gorilla, another sign was hacked to say, smoke weed every day. police say the message was so obscene we are not able to show it. >> it was kind of fun any i guess in an offensive way. >> the message was removed and yesterday the sign was reprogrammed and these signs are dangerous because they are not getting important information and they are taking their eyes off the road. >> the newest is on her way to social chi, she tweeted this photo and she is one of three ladies in the figure skating events and she could be invited to be part of but you will not know about that until friday.
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now paulina is already using her new fame for a good cause and she and she has agreed to be part of the courageous kids day. it is a special day for kids who are fighting cancer and they can have some fun with their families. she is supporting them and money raised from paulina mittens and it will be going to those courageous kid and the bay area is preparing for the drown. >> plus, this week's pro tournament in pebble beach, what they are allowed to see and the short list of items you are allowed to bring in there. and at this hour, we have
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an incident in oakland to tell you about next. clouds are already rapidly moving in here and it will be a cool cloudy day. yes, no, maybe?
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tournament, expect to to see med -- metal detectors and the only bag that will be allowed are small purses and one gallon plastic freezer bags and the only exception is medical bags. it includes a charity shootout for members of the san francisco giants and members of the 49ers. and california public utilities are in another legal standoff. they have deteriorated since the pipeline explosion that killed eight people and they are now taking legal action and san bruno said it has not turned over documents related and it was what they called a cozy relationship between the
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page and they did not respond about the lawsuit. >> there are problems with the implosion of a bakersfield power plant there was a problem with parts of the building as it came out and one man was seriously hurt. they have been ordered to pay a total of $29,000. time now, preliminary hearings are set for those who shot and killed a jogger because they were board. christopher was shot and killed last summer. he was a baseball player at the east central university. one suspect told him he saw lane run by and they decided to chase and shoot him and now an he is and it 'a scaper was --
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an he escape eastern peeled out with his bare hands and they have electric to current for anybody who touches him but he got through. it appears that did not happen with him when he escaped. happening today, santa clara county supervisors plan to consider a prose pal sal for the san jose fire department if he doesn't approve his response time to emergency calls. supervisor dave cortez who is running for mayor of san jose said the fire department is not meeting its contract roll obligation to to come through within 8 minutes. >> the response time has dropped like a rock over the next several months it's now down to 80 percent. >> and if the department does not fix the problem they will
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file a lawsuit. they have fallen short on medical calls sometimes but the crews respond within the allotted time 80% when you factor in all emergency responses. well the senate is expected to have the delayed farm bill and sent to president barack obama. it covers food stamps and subsidies for farmers and it does away with the controversial subsidies known as direct payments which were paid to apartment first whether they farm or not. new subsidies kick in only when they have lost it. well, we have a crash on 880 northbound and we have a recycling truck versus a car. it was blocking two middle lanes and it was in the clearing stages. highway 24 westbound at pleasant hill road at that exit
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we have a bumper on the right and it looks likes it is slightly sluggish and give yourself some extra time if you need to get into san francisco. last but not least, everything is looking good down in the south bay, 6:19 let's head over to steve. it is cold out there, they are getting trapped by the cold cover coming in and there is no organization as they say in hockey, cold morning, 30s, mostly cloudy and temperatures will be below average and wednesday night, it will take us to thursday morning, not a lot but with very little rain, 30s to 40s so it is a cold
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morning and maybe some of that will start to develop later on and i don't think a lot is popping up yet. there is a storm in the east coast moving often not before some parts of nudge but now moving out of the four corners, it is snow there but it is tapping into the gulf moisture and that's a big time combination and we have a whopper as it moves across the area. 31 in ukiah and 26 up in clear lake. room maybe some of the locations can pick up a quarter and will ease up by tomorrow. cold morning, cool afternoon temperatures with a lot of 50s
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we should be 58 to 63 and we are cooler, so we will stay here and temperatures are near 60 but we'll see big changes as well. wednesday night thursday, some light rain, saturday cloudzy, way to the north and starts sliding off by sunday. 6:31, microsoft has announced they will be the new ceo and it is just the third ceo to move in its history. he has worked for 22 years and they have moved over some of the most profitable software and he will step down as chairman and take over to as new apple supervisor. apple is experimenting with
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solar for charging its i watch. the cur everred -- curved glasses will promote sunlight and the other is where they move their arm and it would generate more for the device. and it could cost surveys, showing nearly 40% and saying they could slowly announce they could raise the prices to cover shipping charges. because of winter storms, thousands of flights were canceled over the last month but how much money did it really cost everybody, especially wounded travelers. a fisherman who said they had been lost at sea for almost
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more than a year talks about how he survived.
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. welcome back. half-moon bay company go pro has released some incredible
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record-breaking space jump felix madison bumgarner, and he got up to 380 miles per hour and it took him eight minutes to savely reach the ground and the footage caught his suit and it was just made public. >> i am awake now. the story of a fish merman -- fisherman -- fisherman may be true. they were blown of course and they could not get back. the young boy died after a month but he managed to survive he ate fish and drank rainwater. he was 6,000 miles from mexico. >> i am certainly no medical professional but he is in much
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better shape than one would think after his ordeal. >> he said he can't remember many details including when he left mexico. >> food trucks are starting february 19. it is every evening starting 5:00 p.m. some are express being concerns about the food truck but they are talking about a deadline so the food trucks will roll in and the event is one of 25 in the bay area organized by san francisco's bay area called off the grid. police are opening fire on a major freeway, the reason officers say they had to shoot. we are live in santa clara where the super bowl committee
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coming up from last weekend's game. traffic is a little slow going but it is moving and we have a 3 car crash to tell you about in the east bay next. sunrise on tap, we have a lot of high clouds and we have some on the extended outlook.
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. here is the opening bell, my daughter would love to see taylor swift. i am trying to figure out why they are there, i did not get that e-mail but i will find out and let you know. it looks like a better day and
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that's also the nasdaq, and they used to be called value click, and we will get you all of the business news coming up in just a minute. >> we will smile and say good morning to you, this is channel 2, tuesday january 4th, i am dave clark. >> steve, you took a picture and posted it on twitter. >> always giving them hope and we may have an opportunity for sunrise, so we have a lot of clouds and no clouds today with a very cool pattern and these are bent low average, lots of 30s and 40 -- 40s. we will not have a lot of rain but there is lots of rain
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coming out of the northwest, we have partly cloudy, cool afternoon temperatures and they are stuck in the 50s and some will be at best to mid-50s, here is tara. and in oakland, we want to mention we have a 3 car crash at the high street exit and if we take a look, you can see it has created quite a backup and it's very sluggish as we approach high street. you can see it is definitely a parking lot trying to give yourself some extra time. this morning, those metering lights are on. san jose, traffic on the left- hand side of your screen, taillights will stop and go as you make at approach, but let's head back to the desk. new this morning, the police search is still going on
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for whoever shot a man and woman. >> reporter: somebody opened fire right in the middle of the street in pittsburgh and the woman was hit in the back and collapsed right near this flour bed -- flower bed and the victim was screaming for help and he called 911 and came outside to put pressure on the woman's bullet wound. he showed us the three holes where stray bullets pierced his wall following the shooting and the neighbors heard at least 8 shots and it was just after 8:00. the woman has life-threatening injuries and the man is expected to survive. he was flushes as he enters the front door. >> we don't know how you can
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come out there and get shot and just sit back for a few minutes and i came out and that's where she was. >> they say the search is ongoing for these people and we are told a lieutenant should be offering up new details at some point this morning and police right now can't say what may have been the motive for this shooting which left two people wounded. alex savage am ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> they are back open after an officer involved shooting. a man stole a white pickup truck from couldn't doored and he was wanted in connection with that stolen truck and they pulled the man out of the truck
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and he charged at police. >> as soon as that happened. we provided first aid. >> police say he was treated for his injuries and wife noer to suspects and police are looking at what went wrong and what went right. janine de la vega is in santa clara to explain why specifically they are looking at transportation, janine? >> reporter: well shuttling people back and forth may proof to be challenging when the two cities are 45 miles away and they want to make sure they are prepared to handle the crowds. their host committee meetings went to see how new york and new jersey are handling them and they are talking about how
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transportation is handled and getting hundreds around the region. and on sunday, in new jersey they were overwhelmed with double the amount of fans estimated and large crowds packed train stations and some reportedly passed out waiting to return to new york. they are confident they can handle game day and expect to send out enough trains to carry as many as 12,000 fans on game day and many will be able to ride that with light rail trains and buses city officials and committee members are looking at all of the optionels and reporting live, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a winter storm left up to 10 inches of snow and about 1900 flights were canceled
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across the country. now another storm is heading in and is said to bring more snow and ice. people stuck there said there is not much they can do. >> this isn't our first rodeo but we will get to it. >> some people know about this but broncos fans say being stranded at the airport is not as bad as how the game turned out. and from oakland, they were greeted with more delace. there is for people they needed to send home and we sent somebody to get her. and in january winster storms grounded 49,000 flights a -- winter storms grounded
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49,000 flights and it came to a cost of $49 billion and people cannot make it into work and it also covers hotel fees an extra meals people had to pay for while they were stranded. and this is what we needed but it may not be enough to really affect the drought situation. the east bay says it is more than the whole month of january it is more than 100% of normal but they are asked to conserve. they are already conserve being water and alameda asked 300,000 customers to reduce their water consumption by 20% and there may be more constructions.
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so whatever happens next will be designed if you don't want to do that. water rationing is based on water usage over time not current usage. now they have a safe place to spend the night. a new program started last night and they let over 40 vehicles park in santa rosa. now it is a temporary program and it's designed to help people get out of the cold during the winter months. catholic charities are helping provide meals, showers, sleeping bags, blankets, socks and patio heaters. >> 6:39 the reason a report shows nothing wrong with their
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investigation. and can of soda, the soda tax being released and the reaction from residents. . lots of high clouds streaming in, it could lead to some rain but not today as we head towards wednesday and thursday, we will explain.
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. welcome back, happening today, we have just how much more a can of soda could cost you brian and i am thinking people are not happy. >> yes, a lot of people posted that question on my twitter page but in terms of the supervisors, they have waged war and if nothing is done now than they may see an increase in diabetes cases and they may introduce it during the supervisors. it will be introduced and that will be affective and this measure will include sodas and sports drinks. the tax would not include sport
6:44 am
drinks as well as parks in the city. restaurant owners may race prices and this morning we got mixed reaction from residents. >> i think it is another way for the city to make money >> it is to pay more even though this is 30 cents and it is expensive already. now they are going to tax soda, that is ridiculous. >> too much sugar, this is a study done, the largest of its kind and too many people had three times a greater chance of dying from heart disease. two cans of soda a day is
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enough to raise the risk and this is not the first time a soda tax was introduced but in terms much this measure, this will under do youdly be raced as well as the city. a new report says san jose did nothing wrong surrounding an african-american student who was harassed last fall by his four white roommates. they used a confederate flag, a u-shaped bike lock wrapped around his neck and other things. they only found out after the parents complained in the middle of october. >> we had conversations with my staff on changing some of the protocols and i will be looking
6:46 am
into this. students may be expelled and they are also in court to face misdemeanor charges in march. on our website you could read the whole report for yourself and it is posted on the front page, looking under hot topics. well, results will be released today on actor phillip seymour hoffman. they found packets of heroine and police want to know f-if it is linked to potent information. it was followed by a similar attack at neimanmarcus
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and a hotel company. some are calling for new security measures to protect consumers. the federal trade union and the secret service will all testify at this morning 'hearing. exactly ten years ago, facebook launched a way to get to know classmates. now they have 1.2 billion users around the world and mark zuckerberg said the user will be in more situations and the real stuff talks about it being more. coming up in minutes, a chilling threat already involving olympics and the threats in sochi. and how they helped an
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escape prisoner get free. bringing technology to schools. >> they will announce some of the steps they are taking, those and much more coming up on 2, back to you on the morning news. we want to check in with tara moriarty, she is talking about an accident in the south bay. >> unfortunately this looks like a big one, we have a four car pileup and let's look at our maps at bear creek road. paramedics are still responding and this road is winding and not that many lanes and it's backed up all the way. next up, we have a look at 880 near the oakland coliseum and traffic is inch inching along -- inching along downtown and we have a couple much accidents on broad street and
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broadway and we have a -- our fair share. and the bay bridge toll plaza, we had some major couldn't generals give yourself some extra time. >> i have a weather post card for you. >> that is pretty. mostly cloudy cold -- it is cold out there, a lot of high clouds continue to stream in and it will be a mostly cloudy day and temperatures are very chilly. the cloud cover is rolling in and it's very different from what we saw. record highs in january and it is getting a little ridiculous. mostly cloudy and they are streaming in from the northwest and we will get some light
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rain, maybe fine tune leg is 36 and more to the coast and a lot of these clouds are streaming in and in men seen know county -- mendocino county, you can see how this is all streaming in from the northwest and that's a big difference compared to what we had. things are definitely noticeably changing here. clear lake was 26 this morning, there is a couple of the bands and the next one will swing in tomorrow, our cloud forecast we we will look at the timing on that and maybe most of it is gone and we have the possibility of that to the north bay. a couple of 100s to a quarter
6:51 am
of an inch and things are definitely changing in our favor. increasing clouds, maybe a few sun breaks, overall 50s and it is tough to warm um and concord, 55, caster valley is in there, alameda 54. 56 and 53 in d.c. and palo alto 55. so everybody is close here. a little cooler up to the north and cloudy to mostly cloudy, a lot of cloud cover, not much south. the arrests of a man accused of molesting two young girls and what police say they are really concerned about. getting booted from
6:52 am
treasure island and fights to keep the mystery barge floating in the bay.
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. welcome back, live look at the big board, dow jones industrial average, s&p 500 and opening bell, taylor swift is part of a big large marketing
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campaign and they are lawn muching a charity as well. they are gaining more tracks in the global economy and they are accepting reservations at 10,000 hotels around the world. they are paying for airline travel and cheap air said they have been surprised with how many are using it. they are investigating child molestation charges in a neighborhood filled with children. lester brody was arrested friday and earlier that same afternoon, somebody told police he was molesting two young girls. he was bringing them into his bedroom, holding them down and attacking them .$♪this has been happening on and off for six months. >> his behavior is very concerning in how he went about his attacks, very predatory in nature and we have some significant concerns about his
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tri. >> police found several items in his home involving child pornography and he is due in court in the next several days and police want any other victims to come forward. later, the palo alto police department is inviting the company to see how they feel about crime. this will involve the latest crime stats and they will talk about a recent spike in carpal burglaries including palo alto just two weeks ago. the police department is hoping neighbors will develop crime watch programs. george lucas is across chrissy fields. they have them on a site currently occupied by a sports basement store and they have rejected his proposal and come poeting pro -- competing proposals from two others.
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they are looking for a location but he said he will consider other offers. google's mystery barge is about to get the boot from the island. they say the project lacks the required permit. they say they will move it to a construction site however the company which leases the space at 79,000 a month say they will try to lease the correct permit to stay. they are voting on parking meters and they want to accept debit and credit cards and you can pay with your cell phone and it increases from a dollar an hour to $2 an hour to pay for the new meters and it will
6:58 am
cost $1.3 million. coming up, a man and a woman gunned down outside overnight in the east bay just found out how a neighbor helped one of the victims. two new plans in response to the bart strikes, how they both have the same goal, stay with us.
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